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Barrier Lip Leveler

Barrier Lip Leveler

Loading Dock Safety Barrier


Poweramp’s Barrier Lip prevents lift trucks from driving over the dock edge while protecting the overhead door from damage. The Barrier Lip is useable anytime the leveler is in cross traffic position and offers a smooth transition between the platform and lip.


When combined with a Poweramp leveler and vehicle restraint, the Barrier Lip offers the best combination for the ultimate in loading dock safety.

Barrier Heights of 5” or 7”

Units are available with your choice of either a 5” or 7” barrier heights.

Numerous Leveler Options

The barrier lip can be used with our PR, VH, AP, an CA style dock levelers.

Safest Barrier Lip Available

When used with a hydraulic leveler the Poweramp barrier style lip is the safest available in the industry. Poweramp’s exclusive recessing lip cylinder allows the barrier to instantly deploy should leveler lip purchase in the truck be compromised.

Strong Protective Barrier

Barrier Lips Designed to withstand a 10,000 Load moving at 4 M.P.H.

Smooth Transition Between Lip and Leveler

The lip nests tightly against the leveler deck providing a smooth transition onto the truck.

Self-Cleaning Lip Joint

Expanded metal allows debris to fall away from the lip joint providing a reliable smooth transition.

Barrier Lip Operation

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