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Powerspan Bridge

PowerSpan bridges permit the safe crossing of railroad spurs and can also serve as a convenient connection between buildings. The PowerSpan smoothly travels from a securely stored vertical position to a solid horizontal position for safe, easy cross-traffic movement.


The PowerSpan is equipped with a positive locking strut for use when the bridge is stored in the vertical position. This stop is equipped with an automatic kicker cylinder to move the prop out of the way, permitting the bridge to be lowered to a horizontal position. The PowerSpan bascule bridge features a compact, self-contained power unit and simple controls which can be mounted conveniently on either or both sides of the bridge.

Custom UL Listed Control Panel

Powerspan comes with customized UL listed control panels interlocked to your requirements.

Single or Double Span Bridges Available

Powerspan is available in either single or double span configuration depending the distance required.

Solid or Expanded Metal Decking

Depending on your specifications, the Powerspan can ship with either expanded metal or solid diamond plate decking.

Widths to Meet Your Needs

The Powerspan bridges can be designed to fit your traffic pattern and fork truck sizes.

Powerspan Installed

Powerspan Raised

Powerspan Bridge Install

Powerspan with Guard Rails Installed

Powerspan Bridge Install: From Left

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