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PowerStop® Series Manual Restraint

Manual Loading Dock Truck Restraint


By providing an economical solution for your shipping and receiving operation, the PowerStop® Manual vehicle restraint brings value and enhanced safety to your loading dock. The PowerStop® is a non-impact, self-aligning, mechanically operated truck restraining system.


The PowerStop® will withstand up to 32,000 lbs. of pull out force and has a horizontal service range of 0” to 10” from the face of the dock bumpers and a horizontal range of 12” to 29.5”. The PowerStop® is a versatile restraint that can be integrated with any mechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic dock levelers, and edge-of-dock, or top-of-dock units.

Dual Locking Restraint Arm

Trailer creep is minimized with the PowerStop's® two position restraint arm.

Equipment Interlocking Option

The PowerStop® can be easily interlocked to any powered dock leveler through the addition of the option Light Communication Package. This forces operators to use the restraint before the dock leveler can be positioned onto the truck.

Optional automatic or manual light sequencing

The PowerStop® MML can include an optional corresponding red and green inside and outside light package. These lights can be operated manualy or automatically to identify the restraints operation to both the fork truck operator and the truck driver.

Corrosion Resistant Zinc Plated Finish

The PowerStop® can be combined with a Poweramp® VH or PR dock leveler and run off of the same pump and motor as the leveler reducing maintenance and electrical costs.


PowerStop Restraints

Docks with PowerStop Restraints

PowerStop® MAL Operation

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