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UXL Vehicle Restraint

Wheel-Based Vehicle Restraint

The UXL is a wheel-based trailer restraint with advanced light communication. Package available as a standalone unit or integrated with other dock equipment. This universally effective chock helps prevent unexpected trailer departure or movement from the loading dock during the loading process.

Once a trailer is fully backed and parked in position against the dock bumpers, the UXL is taken from the stored position and placed under the front of one of the trailer’s back tires on the track. This will display a message on the iDock Controller that the unit is in a safe position. The dock attendant can then proceed to open the door and deploy the leveler.

The UXL is equipped with advanced safety features. In addition to the controller message display and light communication, If the chock is moved to an unsafe position during loading, an audible alarm will sound until the restraint is back in the correct position.

After loading is complete, the dock attendant will store the leveler and close the overhead door; the control box will then display indications to return the UXL to the storing position.

Installed with   iDock Controls


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