Add various accessories to enhance loading dock operations.  Reduce expenses by using a centralized hydraulic pumping station, protect the loading docks with bumpers, or improve safety by utilizing wheel chocks in addition to vehicle restraints.  Checkout Allied Solutions for additional dock accessories. 



A centralized hydraulic pumping station that can be used for multiple hydraulic levelers and reduce the amount of pump and motors needed.

  • Reduce Leveler Electrical Costs
  • Reduce Leveler Maintenance Costs
  • Self-Monitoring Motor Stations
  • Redundant Operation for Backup
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Dock Bumper

Dock Bumpers

To match your application needs, Poweramp® gives you a choice between two varieties of bumper blocks, laminated and molded. Dock Bumpers help protect against structural damage to buildings and docks caused by trucks.

  • EOD and Projected Blocks Available
  • Steel Faced Bumpers
  • Various Projections and Sizes for Every Need
  • Various Side Plate Configurations
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Wheel Chocks

Poweramp® Wheel Chocks feature special triangulated designs that provide superior holding power on virtually any hard surface.

  • Optional Chock and Chain Holder Available
  • Molded Style
  • Optional Chain
  • Laminated Style
  • Molded Urethane
  • Various Sizes and Heights Available
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