When a door is open at a loading dock without a truck present, some type of a barrier should be in place to prevent a forklift from possibly falling off the edge.  Poweramp offers an option to have a barrier installed on the leveler lip, or as a bar that is lowered in front of the dock door opening.

Barrier Lip

Barrier Lip Leveler

Poweramp’s Barrier Lip prevents forklift trucks from driving over the dock edge, while also protecting the overhead door from damage.

  • Barrier Heights of 5” or 7”
  • Safest Barrier Lip Available
  • Smooth Transition Between Lip and Leveler
  • Numerous Leveler Options
  • Strong Protective Barrier
  • Self-Cleaning Lip Joint
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Bar Lift Barrier

Bar Lift Barrier

Poweramp’s® Bar-Lift Barrier prevents lift trucks from driving over the dock edge. Hydraulic operation provides years of trouble-free service for use with both mechanical and hydraulic dock levelers.

  • Door Track and Door Jamb Protection
  • Protection for the Overhead Door
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