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Dock Bumpers

To match your application needs, Poweramp® gives you a choice between two varieties of bumper blocks, laminated and molded. Dock Bumpers help protect against structural damage to buildings and docks caused by trucks. They will help cut maintenance costs and expensive repairs.

Laminated Bumpers

  • Absorbs over 80% of truck impact and shock to protect dock and building
  • Constructed to last and provide years of protection
  • Performs on any truck dock under any weather condition or prolonged exposure
  • Anchored through thick steel angles to provide stability and shape retention
  • Eliminates costly repairs from severe shock to docks

Molded Bumpers

  • Maintenance-Free
  • Will not warp, rust, rot or harden
  • Molded in one piece
  • Offers the correct amount of resiliency to absorb pressure and impact shock without damage to truck or dock
  • Immune to all weather conditions
EOD and Projected Blocks Available

Metal projection blocks for EOD applications and extreme projection applications.

Steel Faced Bumpers

Laminated bumpers with steel face plates provide the longest available protection to your building.

Various Projections and Sizes for Every Need

4”, 6”, 8” projections, 10”, 20”, 24”, or 36” lengths.

Various Side Plate Configurations

Angle Angle as shown in picture, angle flat and flat flat side plate choices available.

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