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PowerHold® Series Automatic Restraint

Loading Dock Truck Restraint


The PowerHold® is a non-impact, self-aligning, hydraulic vehicle restraint system. Once activated, PowerHold® seeks and finds a truck’s “Rear Impact Guard” (RIG), then applies continuous pressure to firmly restrain the vehicle. By applying constant pressure on the RIG, PowerHold® removes dangerous gaps, and eliminates “trailer creep” and potential loss of leveler lip purchase.


The PowerHold® has been tested to withstand up to 32,000 lbs. of pull-out force and has a service range of 0” to 10” horizontally from the face of the dock bumpers and 10” minimum to 27” vertically above drive approach. Powerhold’s® hydraulic design eliminates the need for costly maintenance and adjustment of mechanical components.

Combination Pump and Motor Option

The PowerHold® can be combined with a Poweramp® VH or PR dock leveler and run off of the same pump and motor as the leveler therefore reducing maintenance and electrical costs.

Equipment Interlocking Option

The PowerHold® can be easily interlocked to any powered dock leveler forcing operators to use the restraint before the dock leveler can be positioned onto the truck.

Non-Impact Design

The PowerHold® remains inside its protective housing until the restraing button is pressed protecting it from damage when either the wall or drive approach mounted.

Positive Restraining Force

The PowerHold's® constant pressure on the truck's rear impact guard removes all gap between the truck and the restraint allowing no room for a head start and maintaining leveler lip purchase on the bed of the truck.

Push Button Activation

Momentary pressure on the restrain button activates the PowerHold® to automatically engage the truck's rear impact guard.

Corrosion Resistant Zinc Plated Finish

The PowerHold® restraint arm is zinc plated to protect it from the elements.

PowerHold Activated

PowerHold Activated


PowerHold® Operation

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