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Lizard Lip

Pit Style Hydraulic Dock Leveler


The Lizard Lip dock leveler is a hydraulic loading dock with an extendable lip to reach the back of trailers. This dock leveler (with telescoping platform) can be equipped with an optional hydraulic barrier. When the leveler is not in use, the Lizard Lip barrier stops lift trucks from driving over the dock edge while protecting the overhead door from damage. When the leveler is activated, the barrier retracts fully. Press the momentary store button and the leveler and barrier will return to a safe cross-traffic position.


Unlike other barriers, this unit operates independently of the leveler. Constructed of high-strength steel, the lizard lip barrier is rated to withstand 10,000 lbs. of force at 4 mph.

Effective Seal

In the stored position the lizard lip allows the overhead door to close completely to the pit floor reducing energy loss at the dock.

Optional Hydraulic Barrier

The Lizard Lip prevents drive-offs and protects the door. It fully retracts under the leveler.

Infinite Lip Projection

The extending lip and platform bridges the gap on all loading and unloading applications.

Momentary Store Button

Press the button and the leveler and barrier lip automatically return to the stored position.

Lizard Lip

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